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100 photos
Every day, during 2011, I took a different picture of this beautiful Oxfordshire market town. It was a difficult project - taking 365 pictures of any subject has it's challenges! It was fun, though, especially seeing the differences thoughout the year's changing seasons. Here, I have selected the 100 best of those 365 images. Hope you enjoy the results.

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The photographs are made available for private use only and may not be used for editorial, advertising or any other means of public consumption without the strict prior written agreement of Ian Campbell.

Copyright remains with Ian Campbell at all times.

001 - Faringdon Folly.jpg

Faringdon Folly Oxfordshire

002 - All Saints Church

All Saints Church Faringdon Oxfordshire

003 - Folly beacon

Folly Beacon Royal Photographic Society competition finalist

004 - Cold winter's morning on the Folly

Cold winter's day - dog walking at Faringdon Folly Oxfordshire

005 - Shadows of a tree

Low level winter sun behind a tree on a frosty January morning

006 - Folly Hill at sunset

Tree silhouetted by the setting sun on Folly Hill Faringdon

007 - Snow Folly

Snow on Folly Park Sign Faringdon Oxfordshire

008 - Image Beyond

One statues seen through the 'eye' of another in Folly Park Faringdon

009 - Folly Tree Against Blue Sky

009 - Folly Tree Against Blue Sky

010 - Morning Mist

010 - Morning Mist

011 - Wicker

011 - Wicker

012 - Tree Damage At The Folly

012 - Tree Damage At The Folly

013 - Badbury Clump - Overlooking trees

Overlooking trees at Badbury Clumps Faringdon Oxfordshire

014 - All Saints Church

All Saints Church Faringdon Oxfordshire

015 - 3 trees on Folly Hill

Three trees on folly Hill Faringdon Oxfordshire

016 - Night time traffic

Night time traffic light trails through Faringdon Oxfordshire

017 - Folly Celebrations

017 - Folly Celebrations

018 - Frosty Moon

Full moon on a cold, frosty January night Faringdon Oxfordshire

019 - Stones through the trees

Tombstones seen through a gap in the hedge on a winter's day

020 - Stanford Road on a winter's evening

Faringdon street, lit by street lights on a cold winter's evening